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4441 HCH

William Dowd 1964 Italian


Opus 66, 1964
Dowd Italian single 8’8’ buff.  Walnut case with three turned legs.  Keyboard of ivory and ebony.  Handstops for back 8’ and buff, knee lever for front 8’. FF-g”’ non-transposing or FF-f”’ transposing.  Beautiful ornamental English style brasswork. 90" x 38" with a 6 1/4" octave.  This is Dowd’s initial offering for an Italian instrument-- a very elegant and stable design that would make an excellent church or institutional instrument—as well as a magnificent home concert single.  The fall board is attached with lock in place. Offered with full cover, kit and caboodle..  

Photos show the instrument as it arrived--audio as well.

AUDIO 4441