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4586 HCH

Portativ 8' 2' by Steinmeyer

4586 HCH

Hand winded two rank portativ by Steinmeyer,  possibly from the 50’s -  Steinmeyer worked with  Estey in Brattleboro..  This instrument has a 30 notes g-c”’ ebony keyboard with hand pump lever on the left and two sliders for the 8’ Gedackt (oak) and the 2’ Octave (metal) cone tuned.  440 HZ.

Case work is in oak with carved linen fold on the left panel.  Hand winded with a small reservoir beyond the bellows.  Dimensions 23"w 13" deep and 40" high. With handle, the width is 27” .   Definitely a tabletop--not laptop--instrument.   Photos show instrument in its "arrival" state.   

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