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4466 HCH

Gaveau/ Dolmetsch Clavichord 1912, No. 19 ~ Sale Pending ~



Unfretted Clavichord by Dolmetsch ( Gaveau )  specifically made for Violet Gordon Woodhouse by Arnold Dolmetsch during his tenure at Gaveau.  This instrument is from the estate of Robert Johnson and has been well documented:  Note the excellent monograph on the Dolmetsch clavichords by Peter Bavington offered here:

~ Bavington-Dolmetsch ~


51 note, Double strung C-d"' with keyboard of ebony naturals and ivory topped sharps with gilded arcade.    There is upper case separation and damage to the lid and one lower molding.  All repair pieces are present.  Straight leg trestle stand with gold striping.   Lid motto "Plus.Fait.Douceur.Que. Violence".   49" x 15 1/2" x 6" with a 6 1/4" octave.  The instrument is in playing condition and offered as is ( $12,500) or restored ( $18,000).   This instrument is in our Massachusetts facility.  

1/28/23 ~  Sale Pending ~