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4480 HCH

French double by von Nagel 2000


A rare opportunity to view the work of Reinhard von Nagel, Paris in this beautifully crafted 18th century French double after Kroll, 1770.    8’8’4’ buff  from 2000.  The instrument is transposing 415-440 with compass of EE-f"'  using Malcolm Rose wire.  Wooden jacks with delrin quilling in leather registers.  Handstops are in the pinblock area.  There is  full French decor on a Louis XVI platform stand. Keywell and soundboard surround are completely gilded with soundboard by Sheridan Germann and a full still life lid painting by Pierre Béchon.  There is a matching bench, full tool kit and a padded cover.  HCH 5 year warranty on materials and workmanship is included.  


Listed 7/22