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4562 HCH

Eric Herz 1995 after Hass

4562 HCH

Double manual German style instrument after Hieronymous Albrecht Hass built by Eric Herz, 1995 with case decoration by Sheridan Germann.  !995  FF-g"' transposing with shove coupler.  63 notes with keyboard of ebony with bone topped sharps with arcades. 

Lower manual 16', 8', 4'; upper manual 8' and 8' nasale. Buff stop to either manual 8’.  Hand stops control all registers and buff.  Dimensions 110” x 39” with a 6 1/4” octave. 

The case exterior is maroon with a hand painted filagree border by Sheridan Germann.  The lid is painted maroon with gold banding to the interior surface.  Keywell sports shimmering flame curly maple and cherry…carried into the soundboard surround as well.  The instrument sits atop a four leg turned stand painted black with gold banding. 

Light and responsive action with a truly full sound.  This is one of last great instruments from the Herz shop. Full tool kit and padded cover included.   

Offered at $28,500 usd,  this instrument is in our gallery in Rehoboth, MA.  

Listing 7/18/23