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4447 HCH

Dolmetsch Spinet / Similar


4447 HCH

A lovely Dolmetsch spinet instrument in European walnut with keyboard of boxwood with ebony sharps.  53 notes C,D-f"' ( no low C#).  Comes with four octagonal tapered legs, music desk and tools.  Imminently portable!  42" x 20" with a 6 3/8" octave span. The instrument will be reworked in our shop and converted to delrin plectra.   Photos show the instrument before restoration. 


UPDATE: 5/6/23:

HCH 4435
a second Arnold Dolmetsch Opus 584- smaller in design:  49 notes C-c"' at 8' pitch with 6 1/4" octave.  Walnut case with four tapered legs. Keyboard of boxwood and ebony.  32" spine x 18"  Wooden jacks.  Same visual as photos.  This instrument could be ready  November of 2023.  Call to discuss.

Not yet priced.