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4230 HCH

Digital Continuo Organ




4230 HCH
Many of you are familiar with Hauptwerk and current digital applications for pipe organs. For some time we have been exploring a truly excellent digital continuo instrument which would produce the vocal color and contain the beautiful casework for which the pipe continuo organs are known, but available at a more modest price. We are now pleased to introduce “Tina”, our first digital continuo organ.

Designed in collaboration with Organaria Isontina of Italy, this is a four stop transposing continuo organ with historical temperaments, a wooden keyboard plated with boxwood and ebony, and a solid wood case. Stops are a digital sampling of individual pipes. The instrument is available for you to audition here at our Rehoboth location.

Unique Features
 Digital sound sampling of every pipe
 Properly weighted wooden keyboard with adjustable touch
 Retracting keyboard for moving or storage
 Cabinet work of solid yellow pine
 Never needs tuning
 Variable pitch, temperament and volume of each stop
 Midi compatible (option)

Since 1985, HCH has been a major builder and provider here in the USA and Canada of continuo organs to the highest standards. As a four stop organ, Tina looks, sounds, and responds to the performer much like our pipe instruments. You will be surprised.

 Compass: 54 notes, C-f’’’
 Wooden keyboard plated with boxwood and ebony; adjustable touch
 Keyboard retracts for moving and storage
 8' Gedackt, 4' Flute, 2' Principal, 8' Regal actuated by drawknobs
 Variable Pitch (415-465 in cents) / Transposing -12/+12.
 Equal temperament/ 1/4 Comma Meantone / Young
 Headphone jack/ Option: MIDI out / Audio in
 Audio: 80 watts, 2 channel.
 Dimensions: 40" w x 37" h x 23" d / weight: 120 lb.