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4230 HCH

Digital Continuo Organ -

8/15/22 -  

Designed in collaboration with Organaria Isontina of Italy, this is a four stop transposing continuo organ with historical temperaments, a wooden keyboard plated with boxwood and ebony, and a solid wood case. Stops are a digital sampling of individual pipes.

Unique Features
 Digital sound sampling of every pipe
 Properly weighted wooden keyboard with adjustable touch
 Retracting keyboard for moving or storage
 Cabinet work of solid yellow pine
 Variable pitch, temperament and volume of each stop

 Compass: 54 notes, C-f’’’
 Wooden keyboard plated with boxwood and ebony; adjustable touch
 Keyboard retracts for moving and storage
 8' Gedackt, 4' Flute, 2' Principal, 8' Regal - actuated by drawknobs
 Variable Pitch (414-466 in cents) / Transposing -6/+6.
 Equal temperament/ Meantone / Werkmeister III / Valotti/ Pythagorean/ Silberman
 Headphone jack/ MIDI out / Audio in
 Audio: 80 watts, 2 channel.
 Dimensions: 41" w x 34" h x 23" d / weight: 120 lb. Keyboard height 30 1/2"

Options: padded cover; platform dolly

8' / 8'4' / 8'4'2' / 4' / regal / tutti

UPDATE: 9/14/23
~ One of these used organs is currently available for sale or concert rental.

ALSO: Based on our favorable experience with the Organaria instrument, HCH has designed a companion instrument that is somewhat more robust and durable for institutional settings. This instrument is a five stop organ with four specifications included and will be available in 2024. It is Hauptwerk based, with fruitwood case and carved inset case panels. The first three are in walnut with keyboard of blackwood with maple sharps.

See our listing for Giuttari Digital 2023 and inquire for further details.