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4096 HCH

Continuo Organ by Bennett & Giuttari ~ Sold ~


#4096 HCH
Continuo Organ by Bennett & Giuttari, opus 20, 2002

Mechanical action: C-d"' transposing keyboard A415, A440
All registers divided 
8' Gedeckt - 
4' Rohrflote - 
2' Holtzprincipal
Dimensions: 38 x 36 x 25 in.  / Weight: 185 lbs
A stage dolly and padded cover are included. 
Organ completely reconditioned by HCH, 2018
Available for immediate delivery.  

A Regal 8' (metal) is available for this organ with a separate carrying case, and easily interchanges with the 2' principal in the specification.   Additional cost for the regal is $4,000.


5/21  ~ This instrument has been sold. We have a new instrument of similar spec. available on 6 month delivery.  Please contact us for information.