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4538 HCH

German Double by Eric Herz. ~ Sold ~

4538 HCH

A similar and newer instrument by the Herz shop is available here.  

Double manual harpsichord Model “F” after Hieronymous Hass (German style) by Eric Herz. 1976, Opus 240.  FF-g”’ 63 notes: lower manual 16’, 8’, 4’;  upper manual 8’, 8’ nasale; coupler; buff stop to either manual. All registers, coupler and buff stop controlled by seven pedals. Separate bridge and soundboard for the 16” register. Non transposing @ A440 hz.  Case with mahogany crotch panels and Holly/Ebony inlay surrounded by figured mahogany banding.  Bone covered naturals with ebony sharps. Inlay to keywell, lid, spine and matching bench. Impeccable workmanship for which the Herz shop was known. Dimensions 109” x 38” with a 6 1/4” octave. Full tool kit and padded cover are included.  

This instrument has had only one owner who was an educator, professional musician, and scholar. Always fastidiously maintained, in climate controlled environment, this harpsichord is among the very best Model “F” Herz harpsichords which HCH has represented. Very full resonant sound with a light responsive action.

Sound Samples:

1 - Fischer Passacaglia excerpt:
8’ nasale right hand upper manual
16’ and 4’ played an octave high lower manual giving 8’and 2’ effect

2. Fisher Passacaglia - excerpt of introduction
Full harpsichord, 16’, 8’, 8’, 4’ coupled

3. Valente - Lo Ballo
8’ 4’ lower manual followed by 8’ nasale upper manual

4. Couperin  11th Ordre
Upper 8’ followed by lower manual 8'

5. JS Bach WTC
Upper 8’ upper manual repeated on 8’ lower manual


 Listed 2/15/23