Positive Organs

Since 1983, we have been US representatives for Klop Orgelbau, the Netherlands. The workmanship and musicality of these instruments are of the highest order, and the Klop organs are now known throughout the world.

We build our own17th Century German continuo organ of two or three ranks (Bennett / Giuttari) , specifically designed for smaller ensembles. Both of these organs are available on rental anywhere in the continental US from HCH for concert or recording use.

We also offer the Purcell Major Organ, built by David Leach in England, suitable for many forms of continuo playing, organ concertos, and for small church or chapel.


Continuo and chamber organs
by Henk Klop, Netherlands

Continuo Organs by
Bennett and Giuttari

Continuo Organ by David Leach "Consort"

Continuo Organs by Henk Klop, Netherlands

Designed by Gerrit & Henk Klop of the Netherlands, this continuo organ has found its place among early music groups, choirs and touring ensembles in the US and throughout the world. To achieve the mild yet carrying tone so searched for in continuo organs, the pipework is made entirely of wood, following historical examples like the Compenius organ of 1610 in Copenhagen. This has as extra advantages extremely light weight and ruggedness of construction; it can be easily transported in any position without fear of damage. The case in which the organ arrives also serves as a sturdy transport case. Placed on its back, the organ fits into almost any station wagon. All registers are split bass/treble, with both stop knobs operated by one (left) hand. Casework is in cherry with ornamental grill panels. $43,900

Audio file for the Klop Organ.

Video file showing the Klop organ

PDF describing the Klop organs.

Klop continuo organs recently placed include:
DePaul University, Chicago, IL 3 1/2 stop
Trinity Church, Wall St., NY 5 rank
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 4 1/2 stop including regal
Boston University, Boston, MA 3 1/2 stop
St. Francis in the Fields, Harrod’s Creek, KY, 3 1/2 stop
Handel & Haydn Society, Boston, MA 3 1/2 stop
Northwestern University, Chicago, IL 3 1/2 stop
University of Vermont, Burlington, VT 3 1/2 stop
Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN, 3 1/2 stop
La Donna Musicale, Watertown, MA, single 8’ stop
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, 3 1/2 stop

C-f"' transposing keyboard A-392, 415, 440(fully chromatic), 465 hz
8' Gedeckt
4' Chimneyflute
2' Principal
2 2/3' or 1 1/3' Quint (treble only)
Dimensions: 112 x 83 x 50 cm / 44 x 33 x 20 in.
Weight: 82 kg / 165 lbs
Delivery: currently about 10 months from contract.

Pricing: $43,900 dependent on the rate of exchange.

All contracts are quoted on an individual basis.


Continuo Organs by Bennett & Giuttari

This mechanical action continuo organ is based on the kisten organs of the 17th century (Manderscheit, Nuremberg), with all pipework in wood. Panels on the side (fretwork) and top of the instrument control the egress of sound. The sticker action/ palletbox lies directly beneath the keydesk, giving very precise control of pipe speech. A single-fold wedge reservoir gives gently flexible wind. The instrument's mild voicing is ideal for continuo and chamber ensemble settings. $36,900

Audio file (4.1 MB) for the Bennet / Giuttari organs.

Video describing the Bennett / Giuttari organs.

PDF describing the Bennett / Giuttari organs.

Shown below is our Opus 30, for First Parish Church, Brunswick, ME


Other recent instruments have gone to Middlebury, Colby, Swarthmore and Grinnell Colleges, Moores School of Music (Univ of Houston) , the residence of Nanette Lunde, Musica Angelica-LA, residence of Keith Womer-Austin,TX, Dayton Bach Society, New York Baroque, and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Rocky Hill Congregational, CT, Hayes residence, and The Fanfare Consort,CT. Currently in production: Opus 51.

Specifications: three rank
C-d"' transposing keyboard A- 392, 415, 440, 465 hz
8' Gedeckt -
4' Rhorflote -
2' Holtzprincipal
Dimensions: 38 x 36 x 25 in.
Weight: 185 lbs
A stage dolly is included.

Delivery: 8 months from contract.


The "Organo Principale" by Bennett & Giuttari

Click thumbnails above for larger images.
Audio 1
Audio 2

Specifications: Range: C,D,E-c’’’, transposing 415, 440, 465
Decoration: Red oak with fret-sawn pipe shades,
walnut naturals with maple sharps
Dimensions: 46”/117 wide x 17”/43 deep x 30”/76 high
This is a single rank mechanical action organ-- wooden principal pipes made of pine. The bottom octave (C-c) is comprised of stopped pipes. They are voiced in a light, singing Italian style on low wind pressure. This allows the instrument to blend well in ensemble work by providing a richer harmonic color than can be generated by the more common 8’ gedeckt. The keyboard extends forward of the case during use and then slides back to fit flush to the case front for storage and transport. Large handles on the ends allow for easy moving. - $22,900


The Consort Organ by Leach

Audio 1
Audio 2
Audio 3
Audio 4

PDF describing the Leach Consort Organ.

Consort Organ by David Leach
The Consort organ is based on a single rank of Gedackt pipes. The three stops are derived from the single large scale Gedeckt rank (electric action) and provide a very acceptable chorus. Stable and easy to tune, the instrument is finding great success in academic, chapel and ensemble settings, and is suitable for all forms of music, from continuo to concerti. Case of oak (veneer) with attached casters, keyboard of Rosewood/Sycamore.

Specifications (76 pipes) :
• 8’ Gedackt
• 4’ Flute
• 2’ Fifteenth (full compass)
• Transposing A415 / A440
• Compass: E - g’’’ 52 notes @440 / F - g’’’ 51 notes @415
• Octave Span 6 1/2" / 16.51 cm

Width - 33 inches / 84 cm
Height - 33.5 inches / 85 cm with keyboard
Depth - 16 inches / 40.5 cm with keyboard

Weight: 97 lbs. / 44 kg

$12,900.00 FOB Rehoboth, MA.


The Complete List/Organs



#3827 WA
Continuo organ by Susan Tattershall; 51 note C-d”’, 8’ stopped with 1/2 rank (prepared). 392-440 Transposing. Striking Mexican carved panels. Used by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Arcadia Chamber Players, Pacific MusicWorks, and Agave Baroque, among others. $9,900.


#3825 MA
Flentrop Orgelbouw B.V. Zaandam, The Netherlands (1973) Single manual, 3 stops, I/3 440HZ, not transposing, 49 notes (C-c''') 8' Gedeckt (stopped wood) 2' Principal (open metal) 8' Regal (metal) 93" (height) x 43.5" (width) x 18.5" (depth) Originally built in 1973; completely restored by Meloni & Farrier in 2007, $10,000.



#3852 WI
Laukauff positive organ with 4 stops including 8' Gedeckt, 4' Rohrfloete, 2' Principal, 1 1/3' Quinte, attached pedal and slides split in bass and treble.  Tracker action. Kit made by Laukauff Organ Company. Case is oak, (57" wide, 57 " deep, 98" high). Bench with music shelf under the seat and height adjusters which allow for 3 different heights. The instrument is in WI. $12,000.


#3666 CAN
Keates Organ, 1980, single manual organ, - three rank with pedal pulldown, suitable for home, chapel or studio. Reverse keyboard with ebony naturals and cherry sharps. Pedalboard to AGO specifications with maple naturals and ebony sharps. Mechanical action. Dimensions: Depth: 34" - Width: 57" - Height: 86”.

Manual, (54 notes), Gedeckt 8’ / Flute 4’ (divided) / Principal 2’ (divided)
Pedal, (25 notes) Pulldown The organ is in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
$15,000 usd


Regal , C-c’’’, 8’, original reed pipes restored, 1680 - 1700, inscriptions on the pipes from Northern Germany. The reconstruction of this instrument with historical pipes was made by Hans Brink, Dutch organ builder, who made also the cimbel register of cypresswood. The electrical wind supply was made at Arend, organ builders in Leer, Germany. Cimbel 1/2 feet. €19.000.


#3910 HCH

Flentrop chamber organ, mechanical action organ C - f’’’, 54 notes with 3 ranks, from the late 1980’s. Built as a kit in Holland and sold thru the Hubbard Harpsichord Co. in the USA as agent. 

8’ gedekt - wooden pipes (C - d) and metal pipes (d# - f’’’)
4’ fluit - stopped metal pipes (C - b) and open metal pipes (c’ - f’’’)
2’ octaav - open metal pipes (C - f’’’)

Height = 70”, Width = 46”, Depth = 22”, Weight = 500 lbs.

The case is constructed of solid wood and is appropriately decorated with European - style marbling and a touch of gold leaf. It is ideal for a youth choir in a balcony of a church, or up front to support the adult choir.  For a small church it is well suited for congregational singing. Flentrop has been building mechanical action organs exclusively since 1948 and continues to be held in high esteem around the world. $20,000.


Two Manual & Pedal Practice Organ by Kenneth Jones 2014.

Suitable for home or teaching Institution, this is a small practice organ specifically designed to fit into a small music facility or room or studio. It takes up no more than the space of an upright piano, except for the detachable pedal. It has full pedal (radiating) of 30 notes up to F and two manuals (C-g"'). Each manual and the pedal has one 8 ft stop, so the organ has three 8 ft stops of different character. The lowest octave is shared among the three, yet they are mechanically independent. The top lid is adjustable to allow differentiation of volume and the front panel can be opened for tuning or if a louder sound is required. Adjustable stool. The stops are different in character and the lower manual offers a slightly more powerful intonation in the treble to allow 'solo' play. Playing a trio sonata you will hear the independent voices very well. The overall sound is pleasant, gentle and warm; this means it doesn't tire the ear nor the other inhabitants of the home. Case dimensions: Height 222 cm; Width (case) 166 cm (plus 35 cm for blower box on bottom right side); Depth 45 cm. Located in Wicklow, Ireland. € 25,500 Euros



#3887 HCH
Sale Pending
Choir organ by Lammermuir (Scotland) 1996/ 2016.  Opus 28 - Three ranks in wood, 8'4'2' (principal) transposing 415/440-keyboard of ebony with boxwood capped sharps.  .  Case of oak with carved  linen-fold panels.  Upper case separates from the lower using retractable handles.  Excellent craftsmanship and sound.  $34,000 Dimensions:  40" w x 22" d x 441/2 h (keyboard @ 43" with high stool. / Movable in two sections: 17" and 29" high.



Continuo Organ by Bennett & Giuttari
Our continuo organ of two or three ranks is based on the kisten organs of the 17th century (Manderscheit, Nuremberg), with all pipework in wood. Panels on the side (fretwork) and top of the instrument control the egress of sound. The sticker action/ palletbox lies directly beneath the keydesk, giving very precise control of pipe speech. A single-fold wedge reservoir gives gently flexible wind. The instrument's mild voicing is ideal for continuo and chamber ensemble settings.

Click here for an audio file (4.1 MB) for the Bennet / Giuttari organs.
Click here for a video describing the Bennett / Giuttari organs.
Click here for a high resolution (3 MB) PDF describing the Bennett / Giuttari organs. $36,900.
Questions? 800-252-4304


#2851 HCH
Positif organ by Hermann Greunke and John Brombaugh, 1970's; C - d''', 45 notes; split stops 8' Regal, 4' Rohrflote, 2' Prinzipal, 1 1/3' Quint. Hand winded. Graceful carved grill work and painted case decoration. Entire unit fits into its own storage / travel case. $34,500


#3645 MA
Chamber organ by John Shortridge, after the Smithfield "Jenkins" organ.  C-d"' at 415, quarter comma meantone, hand winded.  Three stops; 8’,4’,2’, divided registers. Wood pipework throughout.   It is a musically close copy of the historic 17th century organ at St. Luke's Episcopal chapel in Smithfield, VA which can be traced back to Hunstanton Hall when John Jenkins was resident musician there.  William Lawes also composed in that area at the same time and may have had his hands on this organ. $40,000.


#3615 HCH

Audio 1
Audio 2
Audio 3
Continuo organ by John Brombaugh, Opus 24, 1980 / HCH, 2015
C-c"', transposing to 415/440/465.  with 8' stopped, 4' and 2 ( metal with sliders for tuning).  
36" x 18" x 32" with 6 3/8 octave. In two sections for easy setup/move.  
Beautiful hand carved images in oak.  Pipework in oak.
$45,000. Available for concert rental.