The Complete List/ Virginals & Spinets

#3820 CA
Neupert spinet
, C-f’’’, 4 1/2 octaves, 1 x 8’, split buff stop, keyboard of ebony & ivory, dark walnut case. The instrument is in California. $1,500.


#3867 CO
Zuckermann virginal,  1 X 8’, 54 note BB - e’’’, non-transposing. Re-strung and regulated in 2016 by piano technician Kathleen Allen. Blue case with gilding. Boxwood naturals and mahogany sharps. Kit includes tuning wrench, 1 spare string per size with German-style hitch pin loops, 1 spare jack with plectra and damper, spare tuning pins, 10 spare plectra, 4” of damper felt, and a small can of touch-up paint. The instrument is located 180 miles west of Denver. $3,500, $3,000. $2,900.


#3757 CAN
Sale Pending
Ottavino by Arnold Dolmetsch, Serial # 605,  F - g’’’, 51 notes, buff, walnut cabinet with brass strap hinges, four octagonal tapered legs. The instrument is in Montreal. $2,999.


#3373 MA
English Bentside Spinet. 61 note GG-g"' by John Morley (London) ca 1970
. Ivory case exterior; lid interior is light blue with gilded motto and banding; keyboard of ebony. Delrin jacks and plectra. Three fluted legs for easy installation. A portable, handsome instrument in good condition from the Morley shop. $4000 $3,000.


#3766 IL
Arnold Dolmetsch spinet single manual harpsichord, C-f’’’, 52 notes, professionally serviced in June of 2015.  The instrument is in Chicago, IL. $3495.


#3012 HCH Sold
Spinettino by Arnold Dolmetsch,1930
. C - c''' 49 notes. Currently tuned to quint pitch. Nicely detailed in mahogany with pearwood arcades on the keyfronts; completely removable from the handsome outer case. $3500


#3697 AL
Zuckermann virginal, 1 x 8', GG/BB to e''' non-transposing, Kept in meantone at A=415. Action, stringing, voicing, etc was professionally done by Brad Bennight in 2014. False inner/outer case. Traditional Dark Green (merde d'oie) case with underside of lid painted Chinese Red (vermilion). Boxwood naturals and black sharps/flats. Faux ivory studs decorate the keys, cheek-scrolls, jack rail, and 'inner' case. The Latin motto reads: "Non musica chordula, sed cor psallit in aure Dei" or "It is not the musical string, but the heart which sings in God's ear" Instrument is located in Alabama. $3,500.


#3741 FL
Virginal by Lynette Tsiang, 1979, C-e’’’, 53 notes, 1 x 8’, the instrument is in Florida. $3,800.


#3923 HCH
Zuckermann Virginal, 1 x 8", 54 notes, BB - e''', boxwood naturals with black sharps. Green case with band on inside of lid, three piece trestle stand. $3,800.


#3253 CT

Ottavino by F. Jacob Kaeser, 2011 after Ioannes Carcassi, 1698
; 4 octaves C - c''', 1x4’. Naturals in casein, sharps in walnut. Walnut case painted light green, papered interior; wooden jacks with celcon quill; 30 inches long. From a fine professional builder. This would make a fine first instrument for a small child. Full sound, includes audio out port for further amplification $4200


#3596 HCH

Ottavino by Arnold Dolmetsch, stamped #900 on pinblock. C-c''', 49 notes, quilled in leather. Pretty veneered panels on case, matching veneered bench. 31.5" spine, 20" front to back. $4,200.


#3525 HCH
Sale Pending
Hubbard English bentside
, kit built, 1995; FF,GG - f'''. Keyboard of boxwood with mahogany sharps. Delrin jacks. Turned stand, veneered panels on case exterior. (74” x 32” x 9”, 6 1/4” octave) Includes music rack. $4,900.


#3049 HCH

English bentside spinet by Robert Goble, London, 1955
; opus 108, 1 x 8', buff and halfstop pedals; FF - f''' 61 notes. A handsome spinet from the Goble workshops, with a full five octaves. (55" x 31", 6 1/4" octave) Useful as a solo instrument or in consort. This instrument is undergoing a full restoration, requilling (in Delrin) and regulation in our shop. $5,900.


#3796 MN
English Bentside Spinet in walnut by B. W. M. Benn, Minneapolis opus 36, 1974, 1 x 8’ with buff stop 5 octave FF- f”’ , ebony naturals, bone top sharps, arcaded fronts. Inlaid nameboard and jackrail; turned-leg stand; locking lid. Rich, warm, strong tone. Buff stop, unusual for a spinet, is very effective. Excellent condition. 2 minor cracks in soundboard have no effect on tone. Used for years for continuo in a Collegium Musicum. includes padded moving cover, tools, and spare parts. The instrument is in MN, delivery possible. $6,000.


#3764 HCH
Hubbard English bentside spinet, kit built by Richard Brune, FF,GG - f’’’, 60 notes, delrin jacks. Turned leg three piece stand, veneered panels on case exterior. (74” x 32” x 9”, 6 1/4” octave) $6,500.


#3912 HCH

Flemish virginal attributed to Rainer Schütze , from the 1960’s, loosely a Ruckers quint design, at 415 pitch, (making for a very compact size) 1 x 8’, C-d’’’, 51 notes, reverse keys, delrin jacks, green case, all stringing in phosphor bronze, big sound. tapered legs on stand sections which are hinged to case. Our plan at the moment is to add Flemish papers and repaint. (59” x 18” x 9”, 6 1/4” octave) Includes cover. $6,800.


#3919 CAN
English Bentside Spinet from Hubbard Kit built in 1982 by Montreal builder Robert Sigmund. 60 notes, FF to f’’’, no bottom FF#. Includes extra strings (all brass) and tuning hammer. The instrument is in Montreal. $7800 CAN


#3853 HCH

English Bentside spinet by Hubbard and Broekman, 1989, 1 x 8’, FF,GG - f’’’, 60 notes, Keyboard of boxwood with mahogany sharps, case cross banded with mahogany surrounding boxwood inlay and bookmatched flamed mahogany panels, turned leg stand and matching bench. (74” x 32” x 9”, 6 3/8” octave). $8,500.


#3742 HCH

Hill & Tyre English style bent side spinet, opus 92, 1980, FF-g’’’, 63 notes, 1x8’, red interior with gold banding, black exterior and turned leg trestle stand. $8,500.


#3789 VA
English bentside spinet by Peter Redstone, 1991, opus 50, 8’, C - d’’’, 51 notes, wooden jacks, oak case, trestle stand. The instrument is in Virginia. $8,900.


#3568 PA
Hubbard 17th Century Flemish Virginal Muselar, built in Hubbard shop; 49 notes, C to c''', Tapered soundboard, Embossed parchment key fronts, Oak music desk, Trestle stand in oak w/ turned legs, decorative bed bolt covers, Ball & Ball antiqued brass strap hinges, includes high back chair. $15,000 $12,500 / offer


#3712 UK
English Wing Spinet harpsichord by John Kirshaw, Manchester, about 1760, GG-g’’’, 61 notes, 1 x 8’. in good exterior condition but the musical side needs restoration, owned by the same family for over 50 years. Appears to be in Boalch, p. 460. £15,000.


#3824 UK
Virginal. A museum quality iron-scaled early Italian virginals in cypress wood for display or restoration. The instrument is in London. $19,000 USD.