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Featured instrument

#3853 HCH

English Bentside spinet by Hubbard and Broekman, 1989, 1 x 8’, FF,GG - f’’’, 60 notes, Keyboard of boxwood with mahogany sharps, case cross banded with mahogany surrounding boxwood inlay and bookmatched flamed mahogany panels, turned leg stand and matching bench. (74” x 32” x 9”, 6 3/8” octave). $8,500.


The Complete List / Harpsichords, Single Manual


#3943 MA Sold
Sperrhake single manual harpsichord, 8’, 4’, C - f’’’, buff, 54 notes, (57” x 34”) The instrument is in MA. $600.


#3860 WA
Neupert Teleman single manual harpsichord, Serial number: 20508, 8’, 4’ , C-f’’’, half stop, divided buff, knee lever, (56” x 33”) Good condition; plays well, with all stops functioning correctly; good cosmetic condition. The instrument is in WA. $1,500.


#3877 RI Sold
Wittmayer single manual harpsichord “Klein-Cembalo”, 8’, 8’, buff, CC-d’’’, 51 notes, knee lever, rosewood case with inlay. (51” x 32”), professionally worked on in 2010 by Jacob Kaeser in New London, CT. the instrument is in RI. $1,500.


#3817 AL Sold
Single manual harpsichord by Sabathil and Son, C-f’’’, 54 notes, 8’, 4’, buff, walnut veneer cabinet, metal frame. Includes spare jacks, and strings. The instrument is in Alabama. $1,800.


#3400 GER
Walter Merzdorf & Söhne single from the 1960s. 8', 8', 4', buff. Knee lever for the 4'. 57 notes, AA-f'''. Ca. 1,75m long. 'Semi-historical' construction (solid bottom and soundboard). Quilled in Delrin. Structurally and mechanically in perfect condition. Located in Hamburg (Germany). € 2000


#3957 ME
Zuckermann single manual harpsichord, C - e’’’, 53 notes, 8’, 4’, split buff, tuned A440, non-transposing, but can be tuned to A415. Walnut veneer case, (76” x 32”) Recently voiced, some tools, tuning wrench, set of strings included. A useful and portable instrument. The instrument is in ME. $2,500.


#3294 CAN
Burton concert single, 1985; 8', 8', 4, buff, FF - f''' 61 notes, non transposing but can be tuned to 440 or 415; quilled in Delrin. Strung in Hubbard steel, yellow brass and phosphor bronze; birch ply case with birch veneer; decorative inlay on case sides and around legs; floral lid painting, spruce soundboard; three tapered legs, 36" x 80"; needs complete requilling / revoicing / regulation to make a solid and reliable instrument. $7000 $2,500.


#3340 OH
Zuckermann straight side, 1x8 '; AA - f ''', 57 notes, case and top are solid ash stained dark; approximately 5' long; new strings, new felts, new plastic jacks (buff colour) with black delrin plectra. A=415Hz. $2,250.


#3048 MN
Zuckermann Flemish single, 1974. BB - d''' 52 notes, 2x8', buff; beautiful ebony finish with Hubbard Flemish papers on soundboard surround. Includes matching bench. $4,900
. $2,450.


#3928 PA
Single manual harpsichord by Sabathil and Son, 1978, opus 2223, 8’, 4’, buff, C - f’’’, 54 notes, walnut veneer case, includes bench. One owner, last serviced in August 2015, the instrument is in PA. $3,000 $2,500.


#3949 VA
Zuckermann Flemish single, 1975, BB - d’’’, 52 notes, 8’, 4’, buff, professionally re-voiced in 2014, in excellent condition and includes a tuning wrench. . The instrument is in VA. $2,500.


#3132 CO
Neupert "Telemann" single; 8', 4', split buff on the 8', knee lever for the 4'; 54 notes C-f''' ; reverse keyboard of ebony naturals and plastic sharps. Neupert's compact single, 56" long x 31" wide. $2,500


#3729 TX
Neupert Telemann single manual harpsichord, C-f’’’, 54 notes, 8’, 4’, half stop, divided buff, 56” x 36”, last professionally serviced in 2013. $2,800.


#3599 MA
Sabathil and Son Cantabile Modern, single manual, 1979, Opus 2261, 54 notes, C to f''', 8',4',buff, walnut veneer cabinet, metal frame. Size: 54" L x 37" W x 35" H. $3,000.


#3956 ME
Challis single manual harpsichord, made in the early 1950’s, AA - f’’’, 8’, buff, two registration pedals, spruce soundboard, Very stable instrument, and compact for easy transportation. The instrument is in ME, delivery in New England possible. $3,500.


#3297 MA
Zuckermann Flemish single circa 1970, 8', 4', buff non transposing; 53 notes C-e''', delrin jacks and plectra. Walnut case, painted board. Regularly played. Some voicing / regulation needed. $4200. $3,500.


#3621 SD
Zuckermann Flemish VII single, 8’, 4’, buff, BB-d’’’, 52 notes, 4 piece stand, comes with padded cover. Instrument is in SD. $3,500.


#3907 MA Sold
Zuckermann Flemish single manual harpsichord, kit built by professional builders 1980’s, was most recently serviced in summer of 2016, needing only minor voicing. BB - d’’’, 52 notes, 8’, 4’, buff. 8’ has celcon plectra, 4’ has delrin plectra. (76" x 32" ) trestle stand. Includes shipping blanket, custom parlor cover (lined velour), tools and extra strings. The instrument is in western MA. $3,999.


#3819 CAN
Single manual harpsichord by Sabathil and Son, 1981, Based on a historical instrument made by Andreas Ruckers in 1640. BB - d’’’, 8’, 4’, Hand-painted soundboard, ivory painted case, six turned and fluted legs, gold leaf panelling on case and lid and a chinoise painting on the inside of the lid. Comes with a stool which has four turned and fluted legs. Tuning kit has spare strings, tuning hammer and tuning fork. The instrument is in Victoria, BC Canada. US $4,200.


#3052 CAN
Single by Martin Sassmann, circa 1975. 8', 4' , split buff stop and half stop on 8'. AA - f''' 57 notes non transposing; walnut veneered case. Some discoloration to finish on lid exterior, immaculate interior. Ebony naturals with cherry sharps; recent professional revoicing. A useful, reliable single. Located in Ontario, Canada. $4500 Canadian


#3850 Canada
Zuckermann Flemish single manual harpsichord (c1970), 8' , 4' , buff, C - e’’’, 53 notes, (76"x 32"x 36”) (192 x 81 x 91cm). Includes padded cover for moving, original construction and maintenance manual, and tool box with extra strings, tuning hammer, tuner, etc. Excellent condition. Used by professional musicians for over 35 years. This instrument is in Quebec City, Qc, Canada. $4,800.


#3926 Canada
Single manual harpsichord by Jean Tournay of Belgium, 1985. 1 x 8’, C - c’’’, 49 notes, trestle stand, padded plywood storage box built by the builder, custom made to fit the harpsichord securely for moving. (70 “ x 28”) The instrument is in Montreal, Canada. $5,000.00 US


#3576 TX
Zuckermann Concert Flemish Single , 61 notes, GG - g''' , 8', 8', 4' buff. Chinese red exterior with gold bands, black interior, gold moldings. Reverse keyboard. $5000


#3933 NY
Challis single manual harpsichord, 1971, serial number 329, 16’, 8’, 4’, buff, GG - g’’’, 61 notes, quilled with delrin plectra, the action is light and very playable. (79” 39 3/4”) Walnut case, beautiful brass hardware, trestle stand, includes bench. Professionally restored in 2016. The instrument is in upstate NY. $5,500.


#3815 FL
Single manual harpsichord by John Challis, 1952, 8’, 8’, buff, GG-f’’’, 59 notes, in excellent condition and looks beautiful. The instrument is in Florida. $5,500.


#3703 NY
Challis single, 16', 8', 4', buff non transposing GG - g''' 61 notes. Walnut case with aluminum board and bridges, four pedals, pretty hardware. $8,900.
$6,900. Motivated Seller.


#3496 WA
Flemish single manual harpsichord from Hubbard kit. Extended range GG - e''' transposing. 8', 8', buff stop. Instrument mostly completed, with sturdy case and soundboard that is extremely stable in Seattle climate. Needs minor restringing, adjustment of one 8', voicing of the second 8'; some painting on inside case (outside is deep burgundy color with cream inside case, where painted) Moermans style baluster stand. Includes custom padded cover. $7500.


#3959 MA
Zuckermann single manual Italian harpsichord by Peter Fisk, 1979, C/E - d’’’, short octave, 8’, 8’, A 415, cedar case, boxwood keys, rebuilt by HCH in 2013, very light and portable, includes custom made lid, padded cover and supplies. The instrument is in NY. $7,900.


#3765 Poland
Italian after Giovanni Celestini 1605, built in 2014 by Michal Koszel. The instrument is brand new. 8' ,8’, FF-f''', 60 notes, transposition for 415/440 Hz. Keyboard made of black oak and sycamore, case is made in cherry wood, soundboard - spruce wood. Wooden jacks, made of pear wood. The instrument is in Poland. Price: €8500.


#3942 WA
Italian style single manual harpsichord after Trasuntino by Edward Turner, 1978. Rebuilt in 2016 by The Harpsichord Shop. 8’, 8’, GG - c’’’, 54 notes, transposes A415/A440. Wooden jacks, quilled in delrin. A true inner/outer, with beautiful lid paintings and outer case decoration, one-piece apron stand. The instrument is in WA. $8,900.


#3611 HCH
Single manual Italian harpsichord, true inner outer. C - d’’’, 51 notes, 8’, 8’, @415. Instrument was originally constructed by Michael Frederick (Frederick Historic Piano Collection)  in the 70's and has been entirely rebuilt by Jacob Kaeser & HCH with new soundboard, jacks, stringing, voicing and regulation.  Primitive case painting of landscapes and puttis.  (76" x 34", 6 1/4" octave) It carries a full voice! $8,900.


#3693 HCH

Zuckermann Flemish style single manual harpsichord, GG-d’’’, 56 notes, 8’,4’, non transposing, trestle stand, matching bench. (82” x 33”, 6 1/2” octave) $8,900.


#3901 HCH
French 17th Century single by Peter Fisk, 2016. 8’, 8’, GG - d’’’, 56 notes, transposing. (78" x 32", 6 1/4" octave) Includes padded cover, leg bag and complete tool kit. An ideal "gig" instrument! $11,900. $9,900.


#3477 AL
Flemish single built by Frank Hubbard, 1963, opus 90 . C - d''' 51 notes not transposing . 8', 8', 4', buff. Dark brown case exterior, vermillion interior with Flemish papers, gold bands on lid interior, gilt moldings. keyboard. An instrument in fine condition from the hand of Frank Hubbard. Includes custom padded cover. $10,000


#2766 RI
VIDEO The New York Times: Tenet and the Sebastians in performance, featuring this instrument.

Italian by John Bennett, 2007. 1x8'. 49 notes, C - c''', buff, transposing 415 / 440. This is a fascinating instrument from the Bennett shop. Case is of yellow cedar with boxwood naturals and walnut sharps. Handsome details include carefully cut moldings with walnut stringing around the case top edge, lovely parchment rose from the studio of Elena Dal Cortivo. Wooden jacks. Very portable at 30" wide and 66" long, includes padded cover and bag for legs and music desk. Recent professional use for Yale University's Orfeo and opera productions at the Amherst Early Music Festival. $10,000.


#3762 Canada Sold
Flemish single by Ernest Miller, 2002. 8', 4', buff. 58 notes GG to d'''. transposing. Cream with marbled panels. Turned platform stand, painted board, Flemish papers on lid with mottoes, gilded moldings throughout. Includes matching bench. $10,500.


#3866 HCH
German single harpsichord after Vater, 1738, built by D. Jacques Way and Peter Sykes, 1990, 8’ 8’, GG-d’’’, 56 notes, transposing A-392/415/440. Case of solid cherry, beautifully made and fitted extra wide matching cherry wood music stand made for current owner in 2005. Recently regulated by Mariken Palmboom (May 2016), in excellent working order. (79" x 34", 6 1/4" octave) Includes cover. $11,900.


#3714 Germany
Flemish style single manual harpsichord by Dr. Richard Shann, built in 1983, precise copy of the 1627 Ruckers. 8', 4', 45 notes, C/D/E - C´´´  (short bass octave), non-transposing at A 440. Instrument can be retuned to A 415 if desired. white bone naturals and black sharps. This instrument has been in my private use throughout its life, except for some concerts by world famous players like Bob von Asperen, and has been professionally maintained all the time. In 1999, to achieve easy maintenance and regulation, the historical style tuning pins were drilled to make string replacement easier, and it was voiced with Delrin instead of quill. The jacks are made of wood and the springs are actually pig bristles. Handmade Flemish block printed papers throughout, with Latin mottoes, and the soundboard is painted in the Flemish style. The exterior is marbled in grey and dark brown. There is just enough patination from 32 years of aging to make this harpsichord take on the appearance of a genuine antique.The stand is crafted after a painting by Gerard Terborch ( 1617 - 1681). This is an opportunity for the connoisseur, who desires absolute authenticity in sound, appearance and action to acquire an early Ruckers style harpsichord. It is ideal for all music written before 1680 like the "Fitzwilliam Virginal Book" or the spanish music of the golden age. € 11.900,00.


#3381 CAN

Flemish-style single "Althea Major', by Claviers Baroques, Toronto, 2005. 8',8', buff BB to d''', 52 notes. May be tuned to GG/BB short octave, A = 440 or 415; double-strung, cherry case, music rack and bench included; delrin plectra; French blue exterior with gold bands, cream interior ; tuned and regulated several times in the last year and featured, both as a continuo and solo instrument in concerts in Toronto recently. 6' long x 31" wide. Weighs about 80 lbs. $12,100 US


#3687 HCH Sale Pending
17th Century French single by Peter Fisk, 2010. 8', 8' with wood jacks and quill voicing. GG-d"' triple transposing 392 / 415 / 440. Keyboard of ebony with tiger maple sharps. Turned leg platform stand which disassembles for travel. Ideal continuo instrument. Dimensions: (78" x 32", 6 1/4" octave), weight of approximately 85lbs. From a professional builder. Includes custom padded cover, tool kit. $12,900.


#3938 PA
Italian single manual harpsichord by Gerritt & Henk Klop, 8’, 8’, GG - g’’’, 61 notes, wooden jacks, quilled in Delrin, cherry outer case with stand, includes lightweight travel case, tool kit. The instrument is in PA. $13,950.


HCH Special Order
Giuttari Italian "Messina"
(shown above) - 52 notes: BB-d"' transposing. 8' 8'. with its case in maple. Based on an anonymous Italian and my own building experience, and designed for portability (66" spine) and quality of sound. Italian box registers, wooden jacks with delrin plectra. Spruce diagonal board. We are making up three more of these (Opus 4 :delivered to Illinois Wesleyan University , Opus 5 to SUNY/StonyBrook, Opus 6 -Residence Robert Kidd, MA). On 6 month delivery. Inquire for price.


#3259 TN
Single by Richard Kingston, 1991; 8', 8', buff transposing; 52 notes GG/BB - d'''; from a fine professional builder; excellent continuo instrument, light weight and robust sound; 74" long; black with dark blue and gold bands and moldings; padded cover included; requilled by Ferdinand Pointer 8 years ago; very good condition, with a beautiful buff stop. $16,000.


#3777 HCH

Flemish single by Richard Kingston 1987. BB - d"' , transposing, 8', 8', buff with full board painting (with small animals!) and lid mottoes and flowers by Pamela Gladding.  Turned oak stand.  Full robust sound with new voicing and regulation just completed by HCH 2017.  ( 73” x 31”, 6 1/4” octave) Excellent continuo instrument, includes padded cover and tools.   $16,500.  


#3932 HCH

Keith Hill single manual Italian Harpsichord, opus 218, 1986. GG - d’’’, 56 notes, transposing. Boxwood keyboard with ebony capped sharps, wooden jacks. True inner outer Italian with boldly painted outer case, turned leg two piece stand. (Outer case: 94" x 36 x 11 with 6 1/2" octave) Inner instrument of Cedar with Sitka board. $16,500.


#3927 WA
Italian single by Owen Daly, 2009, 17th century, false inner/outer. 8’, 8’, BB - d’’’, 52 notes, wooden jacks, the instrument is quilled in goose. transposes 392/415/440. $16,500.


#3677 HCH

Italian style single manual harpsichord, by Keith Hill, 1974, 8’,8’, AA-d’’’, 54 notes, wooden jacks, decorated outer case, inner-outer case construction, (87” x 36”, 6 1/2” octave). $16,500.


#3886 HCH
French single manual harpsichord by Willard Martin, 1979, GG - e’’’, 8’, 8’, buff, transposing, painted soundboard, 17th century twist turned leg trestle stand. (89” x 35”, 6 1/4” octave), includes cover. $18,000.


#3720 HCH

Single manual Flemish after a 1638 Ruckers instrument by Jerome Prager, 1983. 8'8' buff stop. GG/BB-d"' with two split sharps. Transposing ( 84" spine x 33" with 6 1/2" octave). Painted soundboard in authentic style. Keyboard of stained bog oak sharps with bone naturals. Cut paper arcades over a red paper background. The instrument sits on a high turned oak stand with keyboard height of 30". Matching bench. Hand screened Flemish papers with lid mottoes. Marbled case exterior in earth tones. The instrument produces a full and reedy Flemish sound and is one of a handful of instruments that Praeger produced in the 80's in the Los Angeles area. All were well documented and beautifully executed instruments. This is a collector's instrument ready for performance again. The correspondence documentation comes along--giving you a clear view of the master artist and client and this wonderful time in early music making! $18,900.


#3750 Germany
Single manual Harpsichord after the instrument of Michael Mietke in the castle of Charlottenburg (Berlin) about 1700  copy by Berlin Baroque, 2004. constructors: Gerhard Oppelt / Paul-Heinrich Schade / Jürgen Halwaß. FF/GG-e”’  8’8’ Transposing 392/415The instrument sits on a balustrade stand of seven legs.  Ornament and borders are painted in orange and ochre with rubbed gold leaf.  221 cm  x 88 cm width.  Keyboard height is 790 mm. €26,500.

#3751 Germany
A second identical instrument is available with a simpler decoration.  €21.500.


#3953 HCH

Flemish Single by D. Jacques Way, 2005, GG - d’’’, 56 notes, 8’, 8’, buff, transposable A415/A440, keyboard with bone naturals, arcades of embossed leather, wooden jacks, decorated with Flemish papers, lid motto, painted soundboard, case with faux marble, oak turned leg trestle stand, with matching music desk and two lid sticks, (83” x 34”, 6 1/4” octave) Very rare D. Jacques Way single manual Flemish. $22,000.


#3915 MA
William Dowd Italian single manual harpsichord, GG - d’’’, transposing, sharps are ebony skunk tailed. True inner outer construction, twist turned leg trestle stand can be used with either the inner or outer case. Lid painting by Sheridan Germann is an adaptation of Orpheus Charming the Animals. Includes decorated front lock board, short and long prop sticks, walnut music desk, custom padded cover and complete tool kit. Excellent condition, one owner, professional maintained, measures 7’ 10” long. The instrument is in MA. $22,000.


#3722 HCH

Italian style single manual harpsichord, by G.C. Klop, GG-g’’’, 61 notes, transposing, 8’, 8’, wooden jacks, marbled case and legs, lid painting depicting the music contest of Apollo and Pan. Elaborate parchment rose on soundboard, true inner (cedar case) - outer construction, (fully decorated exterior). A magnificent single in sight and sound! Full tool kit and padded cover. (89” x 38”, 6 1/4” octave) $35,000.